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7th Russia-Japan-USA-Europe Symposium
on Fundamental & Applied Problems
of Terahertz Devices & Technologies
4th TERAMIR International Laboratory Workshop

September 17-21, 2018
Warsaw, Poland


Terahertz (THz) electromagnetic waves and phenomena in the THz range are explosively investigated yet not fully unveiled in broad areas of sciences & technologies ranging from fundamental physics to commercial applications.
The symposium aims to bring together researchers who tackle “Fundamental & Applied Problems in Terahertz Devices & Technologies”, so as to stimulate discussions on their state-of-the-art results and promote their collaborations.
Based on the successful organizations of preceding RJUSE symposia in Japan, Russia, and USA, the 7th RJUSE will be organised in Warsaw, Poland, on Sep. 17 – Sep. 21, 2018. The technical program will include plenary/invited/contributed talks and poster presentations.

Topics of the symposium include but not limited to:

THz emission & detection
- Electronic/photonic/plasmonic devices
- Nonlinear crystals
- Superconductors, bolometers, etc.
THz devices & electronic/optical components
- Sub-THz/THz transistors, mixers, etc.
- Metamaterials, photonic crystals, andmsurface-plasmon-polariton waveguides
THz physics
- Carrier transports & quantum effects in devices
- Nonequilibrium carrier dynamics
- 2D materials & their heterostructures
- Electron-/phonon-/photon-/plasmon-related phenomena & their interactions
THz applications
- Wireless communications
- Imaging
- Spectroscopy
- Astronomy

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